'Top Gun: Maverick,' starring Tom Cruise, takes to the skies and keeps to the formula.

Tom Cruise

remembers 1980s youngsters who've waited 36 years for this.


is full of man hugs, shirtless beach sports, bar singalongs, quick one-liners, and Ray-Bans.

Pete Mitchell (call sign "Maverick"),

an ace pilot and Navy captain, hasn't modified his renegade attitude much in 30 years.

Rooster (Miles Teller)

Maverick's late wingman Goose's son, is one of the flyboys.

The sequel's action segments exceed the original's aerial dogfights with amazing camera angles and relentless intensity.

Sorry, Ethan Hunt

but Tom Cruise always finds new ways to give his most famous character, Ethan Hunt, more depth without taking away any of his most important traits.

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