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Oct 03, 2018
Nintendo DS
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Spider-Man: Shattered Dimensions Video Plays Marvel Comics Superhero Spider-Man Based Games. Players play four different versions, each in a different universe Spider-Man. The original controlled Marvel Comics multi-universe. Previous Spider-Man speakers Neil Patrick Harris, Christopher Daniel Barnes, Dan Gilvejn. And Josh Keaton voices each of the four Spider-Man.

Artifact as the game chases and shoots known chaos. If it breaks into pieces during the war between Spider-Man and Mysterio, it causes problems with multiple realities Marvel Universe. Amazing Spider-Man, Spider-Man Noir, Spider-Man 2099: Four Realities, four editions of Spider-Man to bring the pieces of women and gentlemen back to our Call-in-Balance reality search to help them fix and final Spider-Man, as they all have their own universes. That part already has different villains catching them new powers and confronting me they have already become more of a threat.

Shattered dimensions critics reviews are very positive. Generally critical, the idea of ​​the Universe was praised together with the four miracles and the act praises the sound and humor, but criticize the story because the villain and the technical difficulties were with the overall design of the intended cut scenes.


Spider-Man: The Shattered Dimensions is a third-person action-adventure video game that most previous Spider-Man games feature, but the story unfolds, but against 14 different levels. At each level and final level tutorial, all four Spider-Man controls make it possible to control one player one of the four versions of Spider-Man with 2099 Spider-Man and an end-to-end universe. [5] [6] That gameplay turns into a fantastic ability for every Spider-Man, players swing the web, to adhere to different surfaces, with the ability to use a "spider-sense" view of enemies or objects of interest, and to be inundated by various enemies. Detailed counter-proposal for new fighting moves or luck, buy upgrades and defeat the necessary points "enemies" move us to various "worthy" by various challenges. Awesome Doll Bag Man, Red Spider, and Secret War Spider-Man (16 different optional costumes created for each of the four Spider-Man earned individual Spider-Man 4 different comic title points can be used for purchase); Spider-Man, Spider-Man 1602, claim original costume concept (Spider-Man Noir) Noir in the negative zone; On the flip side, arm and iron spider (Spider-Man 2099) spinning; Original Red and Blue Ultimate Spider-Man Suit, Electro Proof Suits and Mangavers Spider-Man (Ultimate Spider-Man); The fourth suit for Spider-Man is their own unique version of the Cosmic Spider-Man.