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Oct 03, 2018
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I'm a big fan of the fossil fighters franchise of the two games that it played on a large scale. So if I belong to this game, I preach. Another version of my favorite show as a kid? Excellent! Even after the first Two straight fossil fighters didn't seem to be at the head that it shouldn't be so good, just because it was so big! Well, I don't know what happened, but with no one game for the extinct run series Design is expected to live.

Fossil Fighters Frontier I give it down to the basics for the Fossil Fighters game. You go to the game world, dig the remains of other fighters with their vivosaurs, excavte them from the rocks, and fight. But they screw on any other aspect.

The search world is boring. Landscapes are uninspiring and discover that you are human. Obviously, we are lazy and decided to dig into the car walls to give the kids a good idea, so you see the majority of their time in the upper world because spend ugly trucks. It is located out of the sense that you get away from previous games where you feel more connected to my character.

As the story goes, I'll admit that the plot line of the real and Fossil Fighters was always done right. The story of the fossil fighters champion was slightly improved compared to its predecessor, but I digress. The story of fossil fighters off is also boring and not a debate. Believe me, death came.

The characters X and Y got like those fat boys 'opponents' Pokemon (?), And everything else. "" When I say that to everyone else, I say that it's just as basic as any other character. Not as memorable as the BB Brigade or the Wild West, and everyone has his hands.

Dinosaur is with ... I think. Yet different turns taken in art direction, but with interesting discoveries was a volcano on the edge of the mysterious jungle that in turn turned the explosion of the revolution to be the last game. T-Rex on some design skin, how they were done fine, many dinos have original designs and so on and so on, fit again.

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Its unique best-ordered seven fossil fighters champion Super Evolvers collection design drawings for various types of well-presented new fossil fighters