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Oct 03, 2018
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Final Fantasy IV, is not known in its native North American version of Final Fantasy II played a role for the Super Nintendo Entertainment System Video Games developed and published by Square (now Square Enix). Is was released in 1991, it is the fourth major part of the Final Fantasy series. He is trying to destroy the powerful crystals catch and stop the story of the game Wizard Golbez, Cecil, followed by a dark horse. He's looking for a frequently changing group joined by teammates. Final Fantasy IV innovations that things normally work Final Fantasy series of role-playing games, and person. "Active Time Battle" system was used in the subsequent Final Fantasy games, and unlike the first game of the series, IV, each character has its own immutable character class.

Final Fantasy IV was ported to many other platforms with a difference. Revised called an extended version of Final Fantasy IV, 3D 2007 and the Nintendo DS with graphics in 2008, playing were published during the exit of the original Final Fantasy II and Final Fantasy titles in Japan their first presentation III, as after the final out of Japan Fantasy was released a second time. Later began all local, Final Fantasy VII (the title appears to be used around the world continue to follow the original title).

The game has sold more than four million copies in various forms throughout the world. The sequel, Final Fantasy IV: years later, for the Wii in 2008, the Japanese mobile phones through the Shop Channel and was released on June 1, Worldwide, 2009, 2011, Final Fantasy IV and later was the final integration of the portable PlayStation Fantasy IV released: complete collection, which also includes a new game, between the two; Final Fantasy IV :. In 2013, 2014 ports were released in 2012 for Nintendo DS remake for Windows and Android of iOS.

Game Play

Final Fantasy IV, the player controls were completed with a large cast of characters and story quests. Move the character and interact with the map, such as towers, caves, forests and the people and enemies is one area can display a variety of settings. World Map Travel between regions was found. Players can use the offset power, the cities are seeking to buy the tools and clues to their next destination. On the contrary irregular intervals player fights monsters in the world map and in basements. The possibility of combat magic or an item, instead of retreating Perry players use the situation to break the nature of war. Some characters have special abilities. The series was the first player in the game to control the characters in his favor; Party in the last four games.

Player characters and monsters (HP) points, HP labels the main characters on the battle screen. HP Attacks the remaining unconscious or dies from a monster hinting at the character to the left. If you have defeated all the characters, then this game should be to restore a saved game file. Remove the player to restore the party list of the hit points using characters and objects in the tavern can be magic and spells to sleep in their treatment. Purchase of equipment found in cities or basement (like swords and armor) can be used to increase the damage inflicted on monsters that suffer damage. The player can choose to return the letters appear or conflict. The appointment of a character depends on the type of impact damage and assault.