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Oct 03, 2018
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Mystic Ninja Legend (ん ん れ ゴ エ ン ン ゆ 姫 救出 was an adventure game from Konami, and even super-adventure. Nintendo released in 1991 was only for Japan Kiteretsu Shogun Magginesu entertainment system: Gommon II Ganbare Game Boy Port

The first video of the Japanese video game series, Gommon, is a Western release. It was also released to Japan, Europe, Australia, New Zealand, Canada Virtual Console, and the United States. In North America and Europe, the game is made after two separate games for Nintendo 64, Mysterious Ninja 1998 with Common great adventure in Europe in 1999 (Mystic Ninja 2 as Gommon), with any release since Super NES was missing the Western release. Two Gameboy Versions in Europe Mysterious Ninja Common. Single-game part and Konami GB storage volume. There were 3.

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Although the two characters learn different weapons and have different attacks, they are similar in function. Their first short-range weapons have three levels and improve the Gray Cat series and beat the enemies to get down. Reduce both ships (the player who uses it) and stomp them you can get bombs by starting purchases or winning armored mini-games stores.

Each character can learn four different skills that are similar in function to the two characters. They can use the RAM drive and the level 1 Judo character of the enemies, who is a creature ally. Level 2 judo attack on the screen release which can damage all enemies. Level 3 Judo characters have the ability to fly temporarily. Step 4 Judo hits a powerful repeated tip.