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Oct 03, 2018
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Metroid Prime 2: Echoes, Dark Echoes were known as Metroid Prime 2 (: ロ ロ ド ド ズ:: oro oro oro oro oro Metoroido Puraimu 2: Pirate Ekōzu) Another good game in the head trilogy in Japan and Korea. After the sequel, though, the head hunters of Metroid Prime Chronology are Metroid.

It was created by Nintendo Retro Studio and developed by Nintendo GameCube Publishing. This is the first Metroid game of a multiplayer feature."" Galactic Federation space misses to pirates activity soldiers.

Contact with soldiers was lost 8 days ago.

Send troops to find and maybe help.

Uploaded the last known coordinates of the military.

Samus Aran receives a mission file. He told the team with Bravo that contact was lost 8 days ago, and he has to fix them and get help. His last known location was planet Ether. As he enters the atmosphere, the ship flies through stormy purple storm clouds and lightning. Badly damaged gunships are sent to the planet through the floors but enough force should only land on the crash after safe time through the roof is racing in the cave. After discovering that the GF soldiers left the base of operations it is a strange black-blue, after an encounter with the portal as something with dark ether wear like its power suit. After going through the portal, he absorbs a position Phazon; Samus has to recognize the arrival of destruction near Crystal '. Barrier crystals will shrink slightly to produce nothing, and Samus began to be affected by the toxic environment. Fades after the barrier, while his unknown creatures attack the evil Samus. He escapes but steals by upgrading almost all creatures.

Despite the loss of his suit, the Samus GF soldier goes to the ground, eventually to his landing site where the damaged and burning ship G.F.S. Find out tir. After the last entry of the commanding officer's log, he discovers that all the soldiers have been brutally killed by the Dark Samus Crab. He is investigated to death but soon discovers that he has reached the end of the line: space may have been impeded by his weapon, a form of movement armor impregnated systems. However, he finds a rocket launcher near the landing site and continues to explore the temple grounds, after a brief battle with dunkelen crabs.

Samus ends up fighting the Great Temple where he makes a deep crab, an alpha-splitter, and his dark shape makes it easy to dark alpha. After the war he was okay with a mysterious "upgrade" alien "". Although it has a negative impact on her costume performance, it will raise questions about its use. The temple shows a ride on the elevator and is a tool that is a bright, shining light. Engineering: There he meets a Luminoth U MOS, who is called the dark creature that says this name he faces. He explains how Luminoth's more energy to fight his planet Eng. Ing stole almost nothing, and so U MOS insists it to help themselves. The engineering energy transfer module was withdrawn, saving their energy theft and helping Eng occupy. Time and the right give Samus a little helpless with good.

Theatrical music waste grounds sends UK minister Leviathan Effing, who was burned and brought in by the dark skies. At the same time again its abilities dark, while the temple dark temple is a collection of keys that allow everyone to use it, Samus plays the pirate base pirate the music face, for the first time face comes with Dark Samus. Once he has collected all the keys, he attacked the dark dramatic music temple and stole energy to destroy Amorbis against the backdrop music.

Reporting the Great Temple sent to the US MOS, he recovered the energy lost in the forest flood Torvus. Samus found out that the field has little, but still large levels of space pirate activity. Collection of keys dark Torvus Temple, he is getting Chykka fights and more energy.

Mprime2 DarkSamus

Dark Samus, it appears in Metroid Prime 2: Echoes.

Upon the return of the UK Minister of State, the sanctuary stronghold mechanical plant was entrusted with the authority of high-wiederzuherzustellen rocks. Samus fights there and then turns Dark Samus to lack skills again. In the hive temple, Samus Quadraxis meets a nasty Luminoth unit. After conquering the Quadraxis Samus song and beam and finds the third power controller.

With U-MOS, thanks to the power it now ethers, their light suit, which is really your inner light of the ether suit. Then Sky gives him the most dangerous mission he must complete the ether: the ultimate energy controller within the hidden access to the Sky Sky Temple. Heaven's entry temple, but he will get nine keys. With much effort and complex strategy, Samus will also be entering this key and Temple of Heaven.

Inside the great temple mirror, Samus Emperor Ing, who faces the mighty giant, Eng Gang rules. Although he is almost lost, he rains and steals the ultimate energy flow controller. With their energy gone past, it's beginning to crash into the dimension of the dark sky; Even just eight minutes Samus Race with Sky Temple prepared shaky shadows and leave Ether down. Although Phazon covers the early entrance, where they came from. Samus looks back only to find the dark Samus shows a handgun on him.

The final form of Dark Samus was very bad fights Samus due to heavy Phazon adsorption. Dark Sa