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SpongeBob SquarePants Movie 2004 American live-action film based on the animated comedy adventure out of the animated television series SpongeBob. The film produced and directed by co-writer, director and series creator Stephen Hillenburg, Mark Osborne action sequences. It includes Tom Kenny Bill Fegrbak, Clancy Brown, and Mr. Roger Lawrence Bmpas range of actors and new actors Alec Baldwin, David Hasselhoff (as here), Scarlett Johansson and Jeffrey Tambor features. SpongeBob is the first film in the series. The film, germs, toxins steal his company, Mr. Krabs notorious secret Krabby Patty formula devises a plan to take over Mr. Krabs ready to Neptune's stolen crown and crime. Usually Save Plankton, Mr. Krabs SpongeBob and Patrick anger Neptune City team to be crowned shells and sea in the world.

SpongeBob was rejected by the previous resolutions Stephen Hilenberg Paramount Pictures film, but he finally writing Hillenburg, Paul Tibbitt Derek Draymn, Aaron Springer, Kent Osborne and Tim Hill in 2002 party, the Assembly accepted the proposal, and the mythical idea of ​​the search Heroes stolen crown SpongeBob and Patrick to bring a new search concept on the surface. 

SpongeBob is a second Krusty Krab, ready to cheer for the opening ceremony for his boss, Mr. Krabs to expect from them as the new manager of the new restaurant to promote. Rather, as Mr. Krabs Squidward Tentacles is a manager, he thinks SpongeBob is also considered the role of SpongeBob depression immature. Mr. Krabs' rival Plankton, did not have to steal his computer when his wife complained about his mistakes Karen Krabby Patty formula mode. When Karen Plan "Z" declared he is still trying to decide what to implement a plan for plankton.

His journey to overcome many setbacks, SpongeBob and Patrick are able to overcome a dangerous monster-filled trench. It seems that it is due to their immaturity, can not complete their searches, if they have tears in their eyes. But Mindy tells SpongeBob and Patrick are sucking and Plankton plan. He pretends to meet men moss mustache to enchant them. Improve their confidence, they go into the abyss, but they face away from Dennis, set hitman plankton. By Dennis stepped diver's helmet, SpongeBob and Patrick Trust Cyclops. Grabs SpongeBob and Patrick Le Cyclops and store them on behalf of their banks, which revealed Shell City.