Essential Meditation Tips For Beginners

Have a designated place Credits: Pexels

Create a designated place at home where you can relax and feel calm. Make sure the place is quiet to avoid distractions and keep your devices out of the room Credits: Unsplash

Accept discomfort Credits: Unsplash

Beginners will often experience restlessness, anxiety and irritation while practicing meditation for the first time. Accept the discomforts as they are a part of the journey Credits: Unsplash

Take it slow Credits: Pexels

It can get challenging to sit still for 15-20 mins at the beginning so do not push yourself too hard and take it slow. Make small goals and do not force anything on yourself Credits: Unsplash

Start early Credits: Unsplash

Meditating in the morning helps avoid procrastination and is a great way to start your day. If you can not make time in the morning then find a time that suits you later in the day Credits: Unsplash

Find a guide or a group Credits: Unsplash

It is advisable to find a guide or a group to begin with as sometimes meditating alone can get hard and discouraging Credits: Unsplash

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