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As part of the 012 Dissidia Final Fantasy ("Dissidia Duodecim for Final Fantasy" in 2011) as part of the Dissidia Dyuodeshimu Fainaru Fantajī ". The Final Fantasy series was released on March 3 and 2011 in Japan in a production division of the company. The play, a prequel remake for Dissidia Final Fantasy, was released prior to its predecessor events and March 22 in North America. Was published on the 2011th 

Lord Chaos and Cosmos in games, which focus on the twelfth war to launch their warriors fight from parallel worlds. At the end of the twelfth round, the game from the battle adds the original Dissidia Final Fantasy XIII to remake many side stories. Given the potential enemies of fighting Dissidia 012, now allows the world map to respond to strong attack characters by navigating the traditional style Final Fantasy.

Beginning Game Square Team gameplay offers players with many parts, giving balance with the entertainment game before developing in August 2009 with business improvement. 012 Dissidia releases and it was received, called one of the best portable game PlayStation.

Play the game

Dissidia Final also reminisces on the game's mostly fantasy, with a few modifications included. What is primarily a battle map where two characters are also known as Duel, which consists of a fight. Visit Brave and HP Attack: Players can carry out attacks in two ways. The question of the amount of damage gallant figures considered equal with both HP attacks begins with the sum of the numbers coming in. Thus, the player must bravely steal his opponent's points, like many heroic attacks brave to increase the strength of the attack, his HP attacks do not cause any damage.

Other mechanics

Mechanical System "Pre-Modification "and "Help "Battle. In pre-meter fill pre-mode tasks and a more powerful state, players use a powerful pre-tear attack character just because the first game change to collect an HP attack card makes it an ex-core state to attack during the former country. Assistance system, a new element to the game, allows players to summon additional allies to either attack the enemy or fight in the next attack. It is boldly used to help this knife attack. In both directions, the second can be offset, when given a pre-explosion, the opponent is reduced due to a zero knife Assist.