Tricks To Simplify Your Digital Life

Do you feel like you spend a lot of time on your digital devices Credits: Pexels

Digital tools are everywhere, whether you're working from home, commuting to work, or looking after the kids Credits: Pexels

Digital minimalism is a simple method to cut down on your digital time and make more time for the real world Credits: Pexels

Here are some tricks you can use to simplify your digital life Credits: Pexels

Disable notifications Credits: Unsplash

Disabling notifications will keep you from becoming continually distracted, allowing you to focus on your task Credits: Unsplash

Organize your desktop Credits: Unsplash

Decluttering your desktop is the most effective technique to reduce mental clutter. Avoid storing files and folders to your desktop and have as few folders as possible on your desktop Credits: Unsplash

Use a password manager Credits: Unsplash

It's difficult to recall every single password for every single account. Using a password manager is a great approach to make your digital life easier Credits: Unsplash

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